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10 Reasons Why US Demand Soars For This Guilt-Free Morning Cocktail!

"EarlyBird hasn’t only solved morning exhaustion, but also solved brain fog and dehydration."

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    By Dr Chris J.

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Summary: You can now avoid hitting ‘snooze’ and wake up early without discipline or willpower. Keep reading to discover EarlyBird’s breakthrough health & lifestyle benefits.

1. Makes Waking Up Early Easy
& Fun

Say goodbye to dragging yourself out of bed for your first cup of coffee. EarlyBird’s 13-in-1 healthy blend is made the night before by adding one scoop with water into the EarlyBird cocktail shaker, put on your nightstand before sleep, ready to drink as soon as the alarm goes off. This makes it easy to ignore hitting ‘snooze’ and have energy to wake up early and accomplish more before 8am!

Holly A, Dallas Verified Buyer

"I’ve never had anything on this planet that does what this does!"

2. Productivity in a Shaker
(included for FREE)

Remember your most productive mornings ever? Those days when you effortlessly tackled all tasks before 8 am? Now, imagine reliving that experience every day for 45, 90, or even 180 days (or more) straight. EarlyBird's natural ingredients make this possible, unlocking instant clean energy, focus, and motivation to help you achieve more each day!


Regina E, Arizona Verified Buyer

"It’s been 5-days and I’m BLOWN AWAY at my INSANE productivity!"

3. Science-backed 3 Secrets
To Waking Up Early

You can enjoy EarlyBirds science-based 3 secrets to waking up early with 1) Clean energy & focus from organic caffeine, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, and antioxidants. 2) Supercharge hydration with calcium, sodium, and potassium. And 3) Improved mood & motivation with Nootropics, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Theobromine, and CoffeeBerry. You can look forward to optimal mornings and productive days. See medical whitepaper here.

starBill C, Tennessee vry-imgVerified Buyer

"I used to be the worlds grumpiest person until my fiance found this!"

4. Humble ‘husband and wife’

Innocently researching a solution to conquer their own morning fatigue, Chuckie & Shelby Gregory spent 2 years crafting the perfect formula on their kitchen table. Encouraged by friends and family, they launched EarlyBird in 2019 with just 300 tubs. 2.5 years later they had sold over 1-million tubs and helped transform over 22-million mornings!

starTodd K, Arizona Verified Buyer

"It’s been a lifesaver! I wake up & don’t hit snooze a hundred time!"

5. Enjoy Organic Caffeine Without Jitters, Crash or Stomach Issues

Experience a better-then-coffee-like boost without the unwanted side effects! EarlyBird Morning Cocktail combines organic caffeine with antioxidants for clean, jitter-free energy without the crashes and stomach discomfort. Thousands of coffee-lovers switched to EarlyBird or now only drink coffee on social occasions.

Cooper D, San Diego Verified Buyer

"All of a sudden, your toes start wiggling and no jitters or CRASH!"

6. No Sugar, Carbs, Calories,
Dairy or Gluten

You can kickstart your day with wellness and productivity! EarlyBird’s formulation leaves out sugar (for more stable energy), carbs (to prevent blood level spikes), calories (to help with weight loss), dairy & gluten (to avoid inflammation). Perfect for intermittent fasting and fitness minded folk. It helps you start smart and seize the day with more clean energy and focus!

Megan P, Florida Verified Buyer

"I gave it to my Doctor and she looked into it and said GO FOR IT!"

7. Saves money (and time) compared to coffee &
energy drinks!

Forget frequent coffee runs and expensive energy drinks that are short lived and often unhealthy. EarlyBird customers regularly boast how EarlyBird doesn’t cost them money, but saves them money due to the longer lasting clean energy. One EarlyBird can be as low as 0.98c compared to $4.50 starbucks!

Tracey K, Florida Verified Buyer

"IT WORKS! It’s amazing, it’s not expensive, it’s affordable. TRY IT!"

8. Delicious flavors even make green, protein or collagen powder taste nice!

You can choose from 3 AMAZING flavors, but also… In addition to enjoying EarlyBird by itself with water, a swarm of EarlyBird customers excitedly share their creative use: turning unpleasant-tasting greens, protein, or collagen powder into a delightful combo drink! Plus, adjusting scoop levels to match your preferred sweetness is an added bonus! *Bonus tip: You can enjoy a wide variety of creative smoothies, shakes and juices with EarlyBird!

Elizabeth G, New Jersey Verified Buyer

"It's friken delicious & Fun! I was surprised how quickly it works!"


9. Record-breaking success for
go-getters, moms, dads, nurses
and more!

With an unmatched 4.9 average stars from over 5,000 reviews, EarlyBird is now USA’s #1 Morning Cocktail, selling over 1 million tubs and improving more than 22 million mornings for its 150,000+ happy customers. Featured on Forbes, Fox, NBC, and various television networks, EarlyBird is becoming the FUTURE of waking up early for healthy productive mornings.

Ashleigh D, Nevada Verified Buyer

"This saved my freaking life as a night shift nurse with flipped schedules!"

10. RISK FREE: Better than
‘Money-Back’ Guarantee

You can now try EarlyBird risk free with a 100% money-back guarantee. However, if you start with their signature ‘Starter Kit’, they insist and DEMAND you keep the shaker for free, even in the unlikely event you don’t enjoy EarlyBird. They also doubled the standard 30-day money back guarantee to a 60-day no question asked guarantee!

Kelly C, Texas Verified Buyer

"I was so skeptical, but I’ve never reordered something so fast!"




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